Indoor Training Facilities

Indoor Training Facilities Netting

Multi-purpose and sport specific training facilities are becoming more and more popular throughout the country as youth sports are now operating year round.  Buildings can be expensive and space can be hard to come by. It is important that the design and set up of these indoor training facilities allow the end user multiple options to maximize the footprint and overall use of the building space.  Net Connection’s unique approach to the design and installation of netting systems for indoor applications allow the end user many options and use within the footprint of their respective buildings, maximizing the amount of activities and use of the space for the end user.  We have a simple design and method when designing these types of netting systems that allows each customer ease of use and movement of netting to create a fully functional system for the respective activity within the facility. Please contact our sales team for more information about our indoor netting system options and see our photo gallery for examples of municipal, high school, collegiate and professional indoor netting systems.


Benjamin Russell HS

Fortenberry Residential

Jacksonville State Baseball

Sports Center 280

The Armory, Albertville, AL

U of Alabama Baseball

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