Batting Cage Systems


Our heavy duty professional grade batting cage support systems are specifically designed for high use applications and are designed to provide a safe, durable training area.  The simple yet rugged design includes end support frames constructed of heavy duty 4”x6” rectangular tubing that are powder coated black (refer to picture gallery) and are designed for cage spans of up to 80’ in length.  No intermediate supports are required, eliminating the possibility of potential ricochet of batted balls. Specifically designed and sized cabling system that connects between each support frame are included to support and attach batting tunnel net and when required can easily be removed or retracted during off season.  The efficient design of these cage systems allows customers the ability to choose from a single cage to multiple side by side cage configurations, and where space requires, even end to end configuration.


Included in our batting cage support system package are all required support frames, required cables and cable connection hardware, as well as hardware required for frame assembly with complete instructions.


Please contact a member of our sales team for more information on the many possibilities and arrangements of our unique batting cage systems.


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